THAT (that) wrote,

Republican Fiscal Conservatism Is A Smokescreen

(thanks to _scarlet_ibis_ for the awesome cartoon)

I read a few years back in the Wall Street Journal editorial pages - not exactly a hotbed of socialism - that the stock market itself has done consistently better under Democratic presidents since WWII.

Why then, they asked, do people who own lots of stock consistently vote Republican? Because the upper 1% consistently do much better under Republican administrations. This wasn't Noam Chomsky talking here.

I conclude that fiscal conservatism is simply a cynical advertising slogan for a narrow set of highly moneyed interests. They don't give a shit about the health of the republic; in fact, they want to go back to the age of the robber barons when the government had no power and the industrialists could amass unimaginable wealth without restraint of any kind. And, starting wth Reagan, they've done pretty well at making it happen.

Which is why conditions are closer to 1929 now than they've ever been.
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