THAT (that) wrote,

What's Your Idea of A Good Time?

Now if THIS doesn't make you happy and convince you that life is beautifully absurd, you really need some chocolate. Every little thing they do is just so cool. These people know how to have a good time.


These people, on the other hand, are, trying a little too hard. You don't have to bring apocalyptic theology into the equation. It's okay - lighten up.


I like the idea of being able to laugh in church, but these people look like they have to force some kind of theatrical hysteria to prove they have the spirit. But I think they all know it's contrived. In fact, if they really do become completely transported, the ushers are told to haul them off to time out be alone with Jesus.

It looks to me like a power trip for the preacher, especially in their TV commercial, when he makes the pushing gesture and they all fall down as if by some invisible wave.

Tags: politics, sarah palin
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