February 9th, 2014


It's Impossible

I'm on quite a little songwriting kick. It feels good. I sometimes go a year or two without any trace of inspiration. It just comes and goes of its own accord. Usually I labor at great length over the lyrics, but this wistful little waltz just sort of wrote itself.


Mary I remember you... barely
Yet your face has appeared
In my cracked rear view mirror
It's impossible finding you here

Mary it was terribly scary
When my love became real
'Cause I was such a heel
It's impossible to defend how I feel

Morning - was it ever the morning?
Is the sky made of slate?
Have I slept in too late?
It's impossible to recapture the day

Memory - insupportable memory
Like the weight of the world
Or a shy, smiling girl
Who was gone like the wind in the trees

Somehow I remember this