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Moist Towelettes

Here's my vocal on the new Rudy Schwartz album! It's out now! I am so proud to be on an RSP album I just can't even.

I'm the towelette salesman... "Hello sir, good afternoon..." etc. Joe Newman sings the part of the obstinately purchase-resistant shoe salesman.



I've been a fan of RSP for a long time! Very cool. I definitely would buy a moist towelette from you.

Edited at 2016-05-29 10:08 pm (UTC)
Wow, a fellow Waldonian! Very cool. So you can understand how honored I was.
Holy crap that's awesome! Love it.
I wish more people who are more talented than me would call me up and have me do a simple little part, then do all the work to make it sound great. That would be the life.
Seems like that would take the fun out of it. Then again you've recorded a lot so I guess it must become tedious.
Some aspects of recording are tedious. I have no interest in the technical side of things. I'd rather just play. Typical lazy musician.
DaveBro rules
I often fail to rule, but in this one instance, I will immodestly own up to my ruleage.
Lemon scented AND antiseptic? I'm in, I'll take a pack.